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Mware Solutions

Our OTT IPTV Middleware Solution on the Mware CloudTV platform is offered in two flavours of you can check below which one fits your business and or service needs, if you find it hard to make a choice please contact our sales team to discuss which one fits you best. Whether your a big Telco a System Integrator or looking for an upgrade of your current Middleware Platform we can offer you a Telco grade middleware solution at a fraction of the price.

Each solution runs on our Mware CloudTV and is auto scalable meaning you can add an unlimited number of devices, customer and user interface while remaining very cost effective.

Below you will find our two flavours each one designed to perfectly accommodate that type of business in features and possibilities. And again if you still can’t decide on which flavour fits your business and service best the do not hesitate and contact our sales team for a demo and a friendly talk about your project. If you rather meet us in person then check out our agenda section at the top of this side to see which trade show in your area you could meet us.