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  • Storage & Server Virtualization and VDI

Virtualization enables dramatic increases in utilization and efficiency. However, without proper planning, virtualization can present major challenges, which include greater complexity, higher management costs, and time-consuming backups.

Virtualization allows one computer to do the job of many by sharing its resources across multiple environments. As well as providing energy savings and lower capital costs due to more efficient use of hardware resources, virtualization also delivers high availability, better desktop management, increased security and improved disaster recovery capability.

Virtualization can help fight server sprawl, make better use of compute power, curb energy bills, and improve data-center agility and flexibility.

Virtualization also conserves space through consolidation as several machines can be consolidated into one server running multiple virtual environments. It also utilizes resources to the fullest so it can also save on operational costs (e.g. using a lower number of physical servers reduces hardware maintenance).

Originally virtualization referred to computer (server or workstation) virtualization. However, today, virtualization comes in many flavors. In most cases, they go hand in hand with each other. To help you determine the differences between each solution and which one is best for your business, here’s some information about the different forms of virtualization;

    • Server Virtualization
    • Storage Virtualization
    • Network Virtualization
    • Application Virtualization
    • Desktop Virtualization

All of these virtualization solutions offer many benefits. However, we often don’t have the budgets to accompany all of them, so how do we choose which to implement first? One thing to consider when deciding which virtualization solution to deploy is to adopt the solution that provides the maximum benefits. Another thing to consider is the ease of implementation.

This may be easier said than done since they are mutually exclusive. However, oftentimes solutions that are easy to implement can provide tremendous benefits immediately and that will give a quick ROI.

Our infrastructure experts work with you to optimize your existing infrastructure through identifying critical areas for improvement, or to revolutionize your computing environment through implementing a completely new approach using cutting edge hardware and software regardless of any replacement for aging equipment or an addition to meet growing business needs iStorage India Pvt ltd can help you size right fit server for physical or virtual Environments for your organization.