iStorage India

V-Server Pro

iStorage India Pvt Ltd, partnered with 3Gen to deliver V-Server Pro a Pre-Configured & Pre-Validated Hyper converged Infrastructure Solution-an advanced integrated High Availability Technology to consolidate Server, Desktop, Application and Storage into one appliance with 3X TCO savings.

Solution Overview:

High Availability and Advanced Data Protection

V-Server Pro Solution delivers an enterprise cloud platform that converges server, desktop, storage and virtualization into a resilient, software-defined solution that powers mission-critical workloads at any scale. All systems include hot swap technology and block level volume cloning software for maximum data protection.

3Gen’s V-Server provides automatic backup/restore with file level asynchronous remote data mirroring and block level sync/async volume mirroring. Effortlessly optimize security and capacity with a full suite of enterprise software such as Global Clustering (Active-Active and Active-Passive), WORM, real-time Volume Encryption, dynamic Thin Provisioning and block level data deduplication( with 70% capacity savings). 50% power and cooling savings over systems requiring physical servers and physical SANs and/or NAS storage devices enables data centers achieve an even lower carbon footprint.

High Usability

V-Server Pro has a web based interface can be installed in just 15 minutes with plug-and-play network. IT administrators can finally eliminate stranded storage with 3Gen Thin Provisioning. Preserving investment in staff expertise and capital equipment is easy because with 3Gen’s virtualized computing solution, data centers can reduce infrastructure costs and administrative support of physical servers and desktops to just one platform.

High Standardization and Security

A loss of a device no longer means a catastrophic data loss because V-Server Pro has a centralized computing format that provides for consistent standards and security across all applications, desktops and servers as well as facilitates remote office support and roll-out of applications.

V-Server Pro has the capability to deliver flexible and agile custom-make hyper-converged infrastructure solution that delivers the right workload and productive IT Service Delivery.

Consolidate Server, Desktop, Application and Storage into one appliance with 3X TCO savings.

The need to constrain and control large amounts of virtualized environments while restraining storage footprint had never been greater. V-Server Solution enables accelerated, non-disruptive VM deployments without sacrificing storage and application needs within a single unified architecture.

Multi-Node fuss-free scalability:

V-Server Pro Solution allows easy expansion and shrinkage of systems and data volumes. Each node supports a large number of fully protected VMs, with the networked collection of nodes at both local and remote sites managed as single entity.

Simple to use and manage:

V-Server Pro Solution is a purpose-built and self-tuned enterprise-ready solution with automated load balancing and redundant hardware to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Efficiency for the entire data life-cycle:

V-Server Pro achieves a 50 to 1 data efficiency while simultaneously increasing application performance by de-duplicating, compressing and optimizing all data inline, in real time, at inception, once and forever across all stages of the data life-cycle.

Speedy Natural Disaster Recovery via Remote Volume Mirroring:

Ability to mirror critical data to remote locations via Fibre Channel and/or Ethernet ports 5X faster performance than other competitive products Outstanding file-based and transaction based performance with high bandwidth, 64-bit architecture, and the latest I/O technologies.

Lock tight security for all IT data and assets:

Best in class security incorporated into every step of the product life cycle from development to deployment and operation.