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  • Thin Clients/Desktops/Workstations

Work fast and smart, Today’s desktop PCs deliver maximum performance and security in streamlined, power-efficient designs built to meet every organizational demands.

Choosing the right computer is not a simple task. You need to understand what applications and functions are essential for day-to-day operations ensuring you get most out of your PC/Workstation.

The right computer should enhance productivity whether you’re a simple or complex application user or crucial for your business to keep up-to-speed. Same time it must balance the compliance and security needs of the organization with the wants and desires of end users

iStorage India Pvt Ltd has established as a reputed Partner and supplier for most of the industry’s Leading OEM’s for a wide range of Computing Solutions in providing you your most suitable Product whether you need a Thin client, PC or a GPU workstation for your organization.

  • High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC), also known as supercomputing, involves thousands of processors working in parallel to analyze billions of pieces of data in real time, performing calculations thousands of times faster than a normal computer.

Organizations today are increasingly relying on the power of supercomputers to work on innovative solutions, reduce costs and decrease time to market for products and services;

The use of high-performance computing has become globally widespread across all branches of government and academia and virtually all fields of industry and commerce. The impact of HPC touches almost every aspect of daily life—energy, transportation, communications, medicine, infrastructure, finance, business management, and the manufacture of both new and traditional consumer products.

Leading enterprises understand the value of optimizing their high performance

computing (HPC) resources, but they struggle with bringing meaningful change to their processes, assets, and infrastructure. For organizations looking to scale their HPC efforts and maximize resources, it is vital that they understand what is driving the industry today.

iStorage India Pvt Ltd offers end-to-end HPC solutions having vast expertise in key

sectors, coupled with an acute understanding of architectures, suppliers and business continuity technologies.