• 1) Computing: Thin clients, Desktops, Servers, workstations, HPC etc… 
    • 1.1) Thin Clients/Desktops/Workstations

Work fast and smart, Today’s desktop PCs deliver maximum performance and security in streamlined, power-efficient designs built to meet every organizational demand.

Choosing the right computer is not a simple task. You need to understand what applications and functions are essential for day-to-day operations ensuring you get most out of your PC/Workstation.

The right computer should enhance productivity whether you’re a simple or complex application user or crucial for your business to keep up-to-speed. Same time it must balance the compliance and security needs of the organization with the wants and desires of end users

iStorage India Pvt Ltd has established as a reputed Partner and supplier for most of the industry’s Leading OEM’s for a wide range of Computing Solutions in providing you your most suitable Product whether you need a Thin client ,PC or a GPU workstation for your organization.

  • 1.2) High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC), also known as supercomputing, involves thousands of processors working in parallel to analyze billions of pieces of data in real time, performing calculations thousands of times faster than a normal computer.

Organizations today are increasingly relying on the power of supercomputers to work on innovative solutions, reduce costs and decrease time to market for products and services;

The use of high-performance computing has become globally widespread across all branches of government and academia and virtually all fields of industry and commerce. The impact of HPC touches almost every aspect of daily life—energy, transportation, communications, medicine, infrastructure, finance, business management, and the manufacture of both new and traditional consumer products.

Leading enterprises understand the value of optimizing their high performance

computing (HPC) resources, but they struggle with bringing meaningful change to their processes, assets, and infrastructure. For organizations looking to scale their HPC efforts and maximize resources, it is vital that they understand what is driving the industry today.

iStorage India Pvt Ltd offers end-to-end HPC solutions having vast expertise in key sectors, coupled with an acute understanding of architectures, suppliers, and business continuity technologies.

  • 2. Storage & Backup: All Flash, SAN, NAS, Unified Storage, Disk & Tape Backup 
    • 2.1) Data Storage Solutions:

Organizations today generate more data than ever before. Storage and backup management is crucial for any size of the organization and how you store access, and protect that data is vital to the success of your organization.

Enterprises are increasingly handling massive amounts of business data, they require storage systems that are highly scalable, offer unlimited connectivity, and support multiple platforms

Technology has evolved so rapidly in the past few decades that the demand for high quality data storage has exploded

When it comes to Data Storage & Backup infrastructure, it’s important for enterprises to be aware of the options available to them, and to be realistic about their needs. It can be easy to get lost in the world of data storage terminology, particularly when looking for the right solution for your business.

This means your business has work to do if you want to build an effective storage and backup strategy.

We deliver quality solutions with unprecedented flexibility, data protection and

expandability. Take your storage experience to the next level.

From simple storage solutions to complex data management strategies iStorage india Pvt Ltd will work with you to find a cost effective solution for any budget to meet both your Data storage and your back up needs.

iStorage india pvt ltd specializes in enterprise network solutions and provides a portfolio of storage area network products such as storage switches, SAN backbones, SAN directors, adaptors, SAN fabric applications and routers apart from NAS & DAS systems delivering data management and storage management solutions.

  • 2.2) Data Backup & Migration Solutions:

The need for having an up-to-date backup and disaster recovery solution has never been more evident, Organizations wish to replace or upgrade backup infrastructure but still need to access archived data for compliance or regulatory reasons can opt for our Data Migrations Solutions.

iStorage India Pvt Ltd has extensive Data Migration experience in providing digital asset storage and protection services to assist organizations as they grapple with changes in their own data-handling processes.

Our range of Customized Data Migration services to meet your business objectives to keep your data at optimum performance by offering industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions.

For any type of tape for backup or archive Solutions as under

  • Disk to Disk to Tape
  • Disk to Tape
  • Archive to Tape
  • Tape to Tape
  • Tape to Disk

Contact us today to learn more about our backup and disaster recovery services and how we can best help your business.

  • 3. HCI & Virtualizations: Hyper converge Infrastructure, Storage & Server Vitalization and VDI 
    • 3.1) Storage & Server Vitalization and VDI

Virtualization enables dramatic increases in utilization and efficiency. However, without proper planning, virtualization can present major challenges, which include greater complexity, higher management costs, and time-consuming backups.

Virtualization allows one computer to do the job of many by sharing its resources across multiple environments. As well as providing energy savings and lower capital costs due to more efficient use of hardware resources, virtualization also delivers high availability, better desktop management, increased security and improved disaster recovery capability.

Virtualization can help fight server sprawl, make better use of compute power, curb energy bills, and improve data-center agility and flexibility.

Virtualization also conserves space through consolidation as several machines can be consolidated into one server running multiple virtual environments. It also utilizes resources to the fullest so it can also save on operational costs (e.g. using a lower number of physical servers reduces hardware maintenance).

Originally virtualization referred to computer (server or workstation) virtualization. However, today, virtualization comes in many flavors. In most cases, they go hand in hand with each other. To help you determine the differences between each solution and which one is best for your business, here’s some information about the different forms of virtualization

  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization

All of these virtualization solutions offer many benefits. However, we often don’t have the budgets to accompany all of them, so how do we choose which to implement first? One thing to consider when deciding which virtualization solution to deploy is to adopt the solution that provides the maximum benefits. Another thing to consider is the ease of implementation.

This may be easier said than done since they are mutually exclusive. However, oftentimes solutions that are easy to implement can provide tremendous benefits immediately and that will give a quick ROI.

Our infrastructure experts work with you to optimize your existing infrastructure through identifying critical areas for improvement, or to revolutionize your computing environment through implementing a completely new approach using cutting edge hardware and software regardless of any replacement for aging equipment or an addition to meet growing business needs iStorage India Pvt ltd can help you size right fit server for physical or virtual Environments for your organization.

  • 4. Networking: Network Switching & Routing and Firewall
    • 4.1) Network Switching & Routing:

Today’s enterprise networks require the underlying networks to be fast, carry large amounts of traffic, and to deploy a number of distinct, dynamic applications and services. Adoption of the concepts of “inter-connected data centers” and “server virtualization” has increased network demand tremendously. In addition to various proprietary network hardware, distributed protocols, and software components, legacy networks are inundated with switching devices that decide on the route taken by each packet individually; moreover, the data paths and the decision-making processes for switching or routing are collocated on the same device.

From the real-time data needed to deliver a seamless customer experience to enabling multi-location collaboration across your business, network performance is at the core of progress. Enterprises need a strategy for adaptive, digital networks that can scale and offer these experiences throughout the organization—on-demand, intelligent and secure.

From fixed and chassis LAN switches, WAN and WLAN, to applications, security and management tools, our network products support your IT needs now and into the future.

  • 4.2) Network Security -Firewall:

Over the past decade, the world has become more interconnected, with the advancement of new networking technologies. Similarly, our dependency on the Internet has reached an unimaginable level. A huge amount of personal,  commercial, and confidential data is stored on either private or openly accessible networks. The probable threats to this data are sometimes not easy to detect or prevent. Network security has emerged as one of the most important factors for companies to consider.

More and more companies are adopting next-generation firewall offerings to secure their business infrastructure from advanced threats like ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day attacks, malware, and unauthorized access.

iStorage India Pvt ltd has vast experience to create a combination of best technological solutions, perfectly suited for any size of organizational needs.

Our team analyzes the requirements at your company and then offers the best cost-effective security solutions according to your needs. Our experts know how to give you the maximum value for your technological solutions’ budget and we will always be fully transparent in price and service solutions.

iStorage India Pvt Ltd deploys best-in-industry security and networking equipment and configurations to meet enforcing the necessary security policies to protect from unwanted attacks by providing from the industry’s leading OEMs under the following Security Solutions:

  • Next-Gen Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Network Access Control + Identity Services
  • End-point Security